Best Indian Gaming YouTubers in India 2023

Posted On : 15-06-2023

Best Indian Gaming YouTubers in India 2023

Gaming has rapidly expanded in India, giving many people the chance to pursue and be successful in their gaming passions. This is perfectly illustrated by Indian YouTube Gamers.

These gamers not only play a great role in evolving the space of gaming in India but also create a digital community where you can explore the trends, and think of it as a career option. As a result, the Gaming Youtubers have captured the attention of highly targeted and loyal followers.

Majority of us played video games when we were children, from games like Prince of Persia, Need for Speed, FIFA, Mario and others. However, today games are now at the next level for teens and adolescents over everything else.

As the industry is growing at an unmatched rate, so is the opportunity for brands like you to collaborate with the best Indian gaming YouTubers and extract great results from it.

But for those who do not know who are these top gaming YouTubers? Let’s give a brief look:

Who are Gaming YouTubers?

Gaming YouTubers are creators who are experts in gaming and sharing content related to it. Each of these creators brings something unique and interesting to the table attracting the attention of fellow gamers. As they are the source of information for gamers who want to know anything in the field ranging from how to pass a certain level in a game to what is exactly trending, they are considered as idols in the community.

Types Of Gaming YouTuber Channels

  • SpeedRunner Gamers: These gamers complete the hardest games in record time and share their experiences right from what challenges they faced to how they cleared the hard levels in it, etc.
  • Storytelling Gamers: These gamers share the stories of the games, the background of characters, analysis, theories, etc. They help you immerse yourself in the experience of a game.
  • Playthrough Gamers: These gaming YouTubers are focused on streaming while they play the trending games, they also do commentaries with it and interact with the audience to make it interesting. It gives the community a dive into their skills leading to a greater influence of creators like these.
  • Competitive Gamers: These are the professional gamers who participate in national and international competitions. They often share clips of it and even host competitions of their own, inviting fellow gamers. They make a great level of connection with their audience as a result who consider them as forerunners of the space.
  • Virtual Reality Gamers: They are the ones who try out games in virtual reality and review them. They also review virtual reality products as to which one you can buy to take the experience of your games to another level.

Top YouTube Gamers in India to follow :

  • Lokesh Gamer

    1. Lokesh Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Lokesh Gamer

    Lokesh Raj, also referred to as Lokesh gamer, is an Indian content creator, YouTuber, and Garena free-fire player. Because of his exceptional gaming skills, he is known as the "Diamond King" among his friends and classmates.

    On his Youtube channel, you will find a lot of gameplay, gaming product reviews, vlogs, etc that keep his audience entertained. His ability to experiment with different formats in gaming and provide his audience with something interesting each and every time is what makes him so popular. His most popular video getting over 12 million views is a testament to the fact that he has been successful in his efforts. His subtle brand integration is also something unique about him, making him one of the best gaming YouTuber to collaborate with.

  • Desi Gamers

    2. Desi Gamers

    YouTube Channel: Desi Gamers

    Amit Sharma, the channel's host, is well-known for his live Garena Free Fire streaming. But one of the best YouTube gamers does enjoy playing Minecraft. After graduating from college, he started YouTube as a means to kill time, but today he has over 13.5 million subscribers and an average viewership of 1.3 million.

    He is one of the most accomplished gaming YouTubers in India, and at the young age of 24, he represented India's Frontline team in Garena Free Fire. With his insane credibility and consistency, he gets an average of 500k views and thousands of comments. He makes sure to reply to most of them and keep the sense of community alive.

  • Mythpat

    3. Mythpat

    YouTube Channel: Mythpat

    Mythpat, a streamer from Mumbai, started his career by making instructional cameo videos utilising PUBG and GTA 5. He is regarded as one of the best gaming YouTubers in India.

    He is a well-known figure in the gaming industry, and millions of people all around the country have been drawn to his films. Even if you are not a player, his movies will keep you entertained! His success rate has improved, and he currently has over 13.4 million subscribers! He has also collaborated with many legendary members of the business, including CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam, Tanmay Bhat, and Ashish Chanchlani.

  • AS Gaming

    4. AS Gaming

    YouTube Channel: AS Gaming

    Sahil Rana Aka AS gaming is one of those Gaming YouTube channels which will always keep you entertained, informed, and engaged. It has the widest range of games played, some great instructional videos, challenges in popular games, fun collaborations, vlogs, etc which attracts a lot more audience as compared to its competitors.

    He has over 25 million views on his most popular video and gets an average of 300-400k views even if he is experimenting with a new concept. He is the ideal gaming YouTuber to collaborate with as he has not just partnered with the best brands in the industry but also added his own creativity to make it a successful effort.

  • Total Gaming

    5. Total Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Total Gaming

    Ajay, also referred to as Total Gaming (or Ajju Bhai), is an Indian gaming YouTuber with the most subscribers and was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In Surat, Gujarat, he works as a gamer, live broadcaster, freelancer, and "growth hacker" for software development. He is proficient in a wide range of programming languages, including JavaScript and PHP.

    He started playing mobile games like Clash of Clans in 2015. Then, in 2018, he began playing Garena Free Fire after observing a few of his friends doing so as the game gained popularity in India. He started playing video games on his computer after that and hasn't turned back since. He now averages a million views on each of his videos.

  • Techno Gamerz

    6. Techno Gamerz

    YouTube Channel: Techno Gamerz

    One of the top YouTube gamers Ujjwal Chaurasia, commonly known online as Techno Gamerz is based in New Delhi. He became well-known in the gaming community thanks to his GTA V series. He has 33.3 million subscribers and is one of the best Indian YouTube gamers.

    Ujjwal started playing video games at a young age. He was a major video game aficionado when he was younger. "Snow Bros," which he played at his brother's residence, was Ujjwal's first video game. He developed an interest in GTA: Vice City as he grew older and used the game as the basis for his content. He now plays a variety of games, gets good at them, teaches his audience how to play them, and provides humorous commentary on them. He gains a devoted following as a result.

  • Gyan Gaming

    7. Gyan Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Gyan Gaming

    Ankit runs one of the finest gaming YouTube channels "Gyan Gaming", where he publishes videos regarding Garena's free fire. Ankit's in-game alias is Gyan Sujan. With his friends AS Gaming and Raistar, the free fire player has posted numerous content to the video streaming service.

    The player has taken part in nearly 16000 squad matches, and in 5898 of them, he or she has scored a booyah. Ankit has defeated 52459 opponents with a KD ratio of 5.27 and a victory percentage of 36.76 percent. In terms of solo games, Gyan has participated in 1275. He won 153 games, for a victory percentage of 12 percent. This gives him a lot of credibility and authority in the field and as a gaming YouTuber.

  • Dynamo Gaming

    8. Dynamo Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Dynamo Gaming

    Gaming YouTuber, commentator, and leader of the Hydra Clan Aditya Sawant is the man behind "Dynamo Gaming," which he founded. Aditya developed a keen interest in online gaming at a young age. He visited computer cafés to spend the meagre sum of money his mother had given him. Then, with only a little help from his father, he finally finished building his gaming setup. He participated in Apex, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 3, and Dota 2 games.

    His expertise and insane skills led to his gameplay and commentaries get millions of views on average. His tutorials, recommendations, etc have been so on point since the start that his subscribers have become devoted to his channel. This makes him one of the most ideal YouTubers to collaborate with.

  • CarryisLive

    9. CarryisLive

    YouTube Channel: CarryisLive

    One of the biggest gaming YouTubers in India, Ajey Nagar, runs one of the best gaming YouTube channels for his passion for gaming. As he is already famous for roasting, he puts the same skills in his gameplay commentaries making his gaming videos really engaging.

    He interacts with his audience, mimics a lot of the stars, collabs with the top gaming YouTubers in the field, posts challenges, etc taking his growth rate to another level. His most popular video has over 22 million views which is a collab video of a gaming laptop by Asus. This shows his ability to make your collaborations into a huge success as well.

  • TwoSide Gamers

    10. TwoSide Gamers

    YouTube Channel: TwoSide Gamers

    Two Side Gamers, the first pair gaming channel in India, was founded by two cousins, Ritik Jain, and Jash Dhoka. Additionally, it is the first Indian channel to live-stream Garena's free-for-all gameplay.

    The two side gamers from India competed in the eSports free fire Champions Cup event in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was organised by Garena free fire Asia. The following year, they repeated the pattern in Thailand.

    For some time, Ritik and Jash played PUBG. However, two Indian gaming YouTubers who specialise in gaming made the decision to focus their streams on the release of Free Fire. They are well-known today and receive a tonne of engagement for each of their videos. Make sure you check out the content of one of the best YouTube gamers.