Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in India Of October 2023

Posted On : 01-03-2023

Top influencer marketing agencies

Do you want to promote your product, brand, or services online in an interactive and fun way? - then influencer marketing is the way to go. The strategy has been adopted by businesses worldwide to reach new untapped markets and build relationships with their current and potential customers. In India, the industry has blossomed tremendously. And with it, the number of influencer marketing agencies in India, helping brands create effective campaigns with relevant influencers are increasing day by day.

However, in this blog, we will walk you through about 8 best influencer marketing agencies in India. We will also review their services and see how they are helping businesses succeed with their offerings.

These agencies play a vital role in strategizing the campaigns for brands through their determination and sheer work ethic. Each is formidable in its own right, and you choose any one of them as your influencer marketing agency according to your business goals and needs.

What is an Influencer Marketing Agency and What does it do?

Influencers are people who have a large following on social media platforms and can influence their following or commuting to do something, and that something could be a change in perspective towards a product/service, it could be gaining knowledge about a new product launch or repositioning of an existing product/service, twisting the purchase decisions of their followers. In recent years, influencer marketing has become a popular way for brands and businesses to reach their target audience.

Learn here more about who influencers are!

Brands and businesses have started working with influencers to promote their products and services. Managing influencer campaigns, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and difficult, which is where influencer marketing agencies come in.

In this article, we will explore what influencer marketing agencies are, what they do, and why brands and businesses should work with them.

An influencer marketing company helps brands and businesses run influencer campaigns. These agencies help brands and businesses find the right influencers, analyze their target audience, match the target audience of the influencer with that of the brand, create strategies, manage the relationships, execute and deliver the campaign and measure the success.

Agencies work with a variety of influencers, including bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other content creators.

To appreciate the function of an influencer marketing company, it's necessary to first comprehend the significance of influencers in the context of contemporary marketing. Influencers indeed play a very important role in digital advertising nowadays. And brands, realizing this fact, have started shifting a lot towards influencer marketing. But the problem they face with the process is finding the ‘right and niched influencer who along with their audience can be a big asset to the brand.

Brands can directly approach creators but they face many problems i.e. selection, audience analysis, story creation, strategy creation, so that’s why they prefer influencer marketing agencies to do the job for them, and each and every brand strives for the best influencer marketing agency to execute the work for them.

How Influencer Marketing Agencies Work?

​​An influencer marketing agency is an organisation that establishes partnerships between brands and influential individuals for the purpose of product/service promotion. The campaign can also be for brand awareness, new product launch, brand positioning and more. These firms commonly collaborate with other creators and may therefore assist clients in finding the most appropriate influencers for their campaigns.

The top influencer marketing company’s services may include but are not limited to, the following: influencer research and selection; campaign strategy and planning; content development; and campaign administration. Also, they may offer analytics and reporting services to help clients evaluate the efficacy of their influencer marketing initiatives.

Moreover, organisations may tap into influencer marketing's potential without breaking the bank by teaming up with an influencer marketing agency. The best influencers for a campaign can frequently be found with the help of an agency, which has the means and knowledge to find them and manage the practicalities of working with them. This can be helpful for companies since it liberates valuable space that can be used for other areas of their marketing strategies.

However, firms need to do their research before hiring an influencer marketing agency. It's crucial to check the agency's track record with brands in your industry and make sure they provide the services that align with your campaign's objectives.

We have curated a list of the top 8 influencer marketing agencies right now that consistently outperform the competition.

Best Indian Influencer Marketing Agencies of October 2023


Grynsta, a top influencer marketing agency, enables businesses to broaden their reach and increase the size of their customer base by informing consumers about upcoming specials and promotions. They are masters at carrying out the many efforts that are involved in Strategic Influencer Marketing.

Besides, Grynsta has over six years of experience working with influencers and other social media experts, such as YouTubers and Instagrammers. This allows them to precisely identify the requirements of your organisation and provide individualised solutions to address those requirements.

In addition, they have assisted over 200 customers hailing from a diverse range of industries and geographic locations. The trust of the company's clients has been acquired by the consistent delivery of services of high quality to a wide array of organisations, ranging from companies that produce games for PlayStation to companies that manufacture cosmetics.


The professionals in influencer marketing at IMPhoto Editor and-select important social media influencers in the ecosystem and use storytelling, high-end customer problem solutions, and brand-centric content to positively influence consumer behaviour in order to assist brands in connecting with their respective target audiences.

They assist savvy marketers in rapidly achieving their corporate goals through strategic influencer campaigns by implementing comprehensive and individualised strategies, making use of consumer data and industry trends, and engaging in social commerce. These are just some of the ways in which they do this.


Grynow, the Top influencer marketing agency for a plethora of purposes, one of which is the way that it combines one-of-a-kind human methodologies with the most recent technological breakthroughs to analyze and understand influencers, launch campaigns, and assess the effectiveness of campaign efforts.

As a response to this, they are frequently in a position to provide businesses with information that is both reliable and helpful, which enables businesses to make judgements regarding their influencer marketing efforts based on genuine information obtained from the influencers themselves.

Aside from that, the professionals at Grynow are acquainted with the market, its current and emerging trends, best practices, as well as the unique requirements and challenges of a wide range of businesses. Which is one of the major reasons Grynow stands out from the crowd.


IgyGrow works with businesses to create useful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by considering both long-term goals and current market conditions. The first stage in effective planning is developing a comprehensive campaign brief that clearly articulates and describes the campaign's intended outcomes.

The experts and specialists who work on their influencer marketing platform know how to categorise and discover the most appropriate social media influencers for your brand based on their content, engagement rates, brand safety, relevance, past collaborations, analytical performance, and other strategic data factors.

In addition to providing an edge in the marketplace for their customers, their targeted placements also increase traffic and revenue. IGYgrow's unparalleled expansion, comprehensive knowledge, and original influencer marketing solutions have made it the go-to platform for brands, influencers, and even agencies all around the world.

UGC Agency

UGC agency is a leading influencer marketing agency in India that is helping businesses build a robust online presence with word-of-mouth marketing. UGC agency enables brands to get their hands on user-generated content created by real people.

The agency does extensive research to find your brand's customers, employees, and influencers who will contribute to your brand's user-generated content. You will get the best of concept development, campaign management, video production, and content optimization at affordable prices from the top influencer marketing agency. Furthermore, the UGC agency has experts who will develop promotional strategies to market the creatives on social media platforms.

The company has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Groww, One Plus, Paytm, Amazon, and Facebook.


Videase is an Influencer marketing agency in India that has grown prominent over the years for its affordable packages and wide network of 1,00,000 + Influencers. They have produced effective short video content for brands worldwide by utilizing macro, micro, and nano influences. Videase has an expert team that specializes in finding the right network of Influencers that aligns with their client's needs.

Videase handles video production for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The company can automate the entire campaign from start to finish. Furthermore, they have access to the latest tracking and monitoring technologies to measure the performance of your campaign and provide final reporting.


Although many influencer marketing agencies exist in India, Videaze is one of the best. The Influencer marketing company has a team of professionals with expertise in creating engaging video content for customized influencer marketing campaigns. Their creatives are informative, and engaging and align with their client's messaging tone. No wonder, Videaze enjoys the trust of the biggest brands in India.

The influencer marketing agency has built a reputation through its work. They have delivered 10,000+ high-quality videos after carefully examining their client's needs and requirements. Hence, if you want to reach your target audience with effective video content marketing strategies, then Videaze is your influencer marketing agency.


Vidzy needs no introduction The influencer marketing company is one of the most popular agencies in India, with a robust network of influencers. Vidzy has experts recognized for reaching a wider audience and promoting their clients effectively. This company offers numerous services, including influencer identification and outreach, content creation, video production, campaign management, relationship building, analytics, and reporting.

Vidzy is one of the few agencies that understand the Indian influencer marketing landscape. They effectively utilize the potential of Influencers to help their clients reach and delight their target audiences.

Ig packages

Leading influencer marketing company Ig packages specializes in assisting brands in reaching their target audience on Instagram. On Instagram, which is regarded as one of the most significant social media platforms for influencer marketing, the agency has made a name for itself as a specialist in developing highly engaging and successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Ig packages' strategy for managing and reaching out to influencers is one of its distinctive advantages. Due to the agency's extensive network of highly effective Instagram users in a variety of niches and categories, they are able to match brands with the most appropriate influencers for their campaigns. The agency also employs a stringent selection procedure for the influencers it employs, making certain that each influencer is consistent with the brand's values and messaging.

Ig packages' method for creating content is yet another distinctive feature. A team of expert content producers at the agency collaborate closely with influencers to create engaging and effective content. This entails producing visually stunning photos and videos as well as writing catchy copy and captions that appeal to the intended audience.

To support influencer marketing campaigns, one of the influencer marketing experts provides a number of additional services. These include managing influencer campaigns, developing campaign strategies, and reporting and analysing campaigns. The agency's end-to-end solutions guarantee that brands get a comprehensive and personalized solution that addresses their particular needs and yields quantifiable results.

What Does a Top Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Identifying the Right Influencers

Finding the right influencers for a campaign is one of the most important jobs of an influencer marketing agency.

Influencer marketing agencies have a database of influencers, which they have made by years of experience and relations. They use this database to find influencers who are a good fit for the brand or business. The agency looks at things like the influencer's niche, the audience's age and gender, the rate of engagement, average views, likes, comments, watch time and any previous work with brands. They also look at the quality of the influencer's content to make sure it fits with the values and message of the brand.

Creating Influencer Marketing Strategies

Once the company has identified the right influencers for a campaign, they work with the brand or business to create an influencer marketing strategy.

The agency helps the brand or business define the campaign's goals, target audience, messaging, and budget. The agency also advises on the types of content that will be most effective for the campaign, such as videos, photos, or stories.

Managing Relationships with Influencers

Influencer marketing companies act as intermediaries between the brand or business and the influencers.

They make sure that the influencers understand the campaign's goals, messages, and rules by managing their relationships with them. The agency also negotiates the terms of the influencer's compensation and ensures that the influencer's content is compliant with advertising regulations.

Measuring the Success of Campaigns

Influencer marketing agencies use data analytics tools to measure the success of influencer campaigns.

They track metrics such as engagement rate, reach, and conversions to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. The agency gives the brand or business regular reports on how the campaign is doing and points out places where it can be improved.

Now that we understand the significance of influencer marketing in a broader context, it becomes even more crucial to comprehend why brands specifically work with influencer marketing agencies and why it is so crucial.

Why Should Brands Work with a Top Influencer Marketing Company?


Influencer marketing companies have extensive experience in managing influencer campaigns. They have a deep understanding of the industry and can provide valuable insights and advice to brands and businesses. They are also familiar with the latest trends and best practices in influencer marketing.


Managing an influencer campaign can be time-consuming and challenging. An influencer marketing agency can take care of everything about the campaign, from finding the right influencers to figuring out how well it did. This allows brands and businesses to focus on their core business activities.

Access to Influencers

Influencer marketing agencies have access to influencer databases, which can be difficult for brands and businesses to access on their own. This allows the agency to find the right influencers for the brand or business quickly.

Better ROI

Brands and businesses can use top influencer marketing companies to get a better return on investment (ROI) from their campaigns. The agency can help increase engagement, reach, and ultimately conversions by identifying the right influencers and creating effective campaigns. This can result in a higher ROI for the brand or business.

Compliance with Advertising Regulations

Influencer marketing is subject to advertising regulations that vary by country and platform. Influencer marketing agencies are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that the influencer's content is compliant. This can help the brand or business avoid any legal issues that may arise from non-compliance.


Influencer marketing agencies can work with brands and businesses of all sizes. They can handle campaigns with a few influencers or campaigns with hundreds of influencers. This scalability allows brands and businesses to adjust their influencer marketing strategies as their businesses grow.

Why Should Brands and Businesses Work with an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

By working with an influencer marketing agency, brands and businesses can build long-term relationships with influencers that they can work with on multiple campaigns. This can help establish consistency in brand messaging across different platforms and increase the effectiveness of influencer campaigns over time.

Consistent Brand Message

When brands and businesses work with an agency, they can keep their brand message consistent across different influencers and platforms. Influencer marketing agencies help ensure that the brand's values, messaging, and visuals are accurately reflected in each campaign.

Increased Creativity

Influencer marketing agencies can make it easier for influencers and brands to work together on a more regular basis. This can lead to more creative and unique campaigns that can reach the right people. When brands and businesses work with an agency, they can use the agency's knowledge and experience to make campaigns that are more creative and successful.

Access to a Wide Network of Influencers

Influencer marketing agencies have established relationships with a large network of influencers. This allows brands and businesses to work with influencers who are the right fit for their brand and target audience and who have a proven track record of success.

Streamlined Processes

Influencer marketing agencies can handle all aspects of a campaign, from influencer identification to contract negotiation to campaign management. This can save brands and businesses time and resources, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

Overall, working with an influencer marketing agency can help brands and businesses get the most out of influencer marketing by building long-term relationships with influencers, keeping a consistent brand message, increasing creativity, getting access to a wide network of influencers, and streamlining processes.


To summarise, influencer marketing has the potential to be an efficient tactic for companies that want to improve their visibility and credibility in their respective industries.

Furthermore, firms who are interested in capitalising on the efficacy of influencer marketing to advertise their products and services may find that companies that specialise in influencer marketing agencies can be an extremely useful tools. By working together with a seasoned agency that promotes its products through prominent individuals, brands have the potential to boost both their visibility and their profits.