Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in India 2024

Posted On : 23-04-2024

Top influencer marketing agencies

Influencer marketing is the real hype and we can assure you that whatever positive you have heard till now, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Influencer marketing rose to prominence with the rise of social media platforms. It is one of its kind where the platform metamorphosed itself to bring far greater benefits to society and brands as a whole.

Earlier, Brands were stuck with digital advertising and above-the-ground advertising (posters, banners, billboards, etc). But now brands can leverage humongous and more potential options. The most shining example is influencer marketing.

For Instance, Flipkart recently launched an impressive Banner advertising campaign. But it has some inherent limitations. First and foremost is geographical limitation. Indeed the campaign was great, but again we cannot deny the fact that traditional advertising cannot be properly documented and no solid analytics can be pursued. But, Influencer marketing rests upon the bedrock of data analytics and strategies. It can be documented as well as visualised.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in India 2024

Which brings us to a series of questions like, Do you want to have maximum reach and generate wide awareness? Do you want to promote your product, brand, or services online in an interactive and fun way? - then influencer marketing is the way to go. The strategy has been adopted by businesses worldwide to reach new untapped markets and build relationships with their current and potential customers. In India, the industry has blossomed tremendously.

We will take another example, Flipkart again. Flipkart collaborated for a paid partnership with influencers like Ashish Chowdhry and Jaaved Jaaferi for their Summer Festive Days awareness campaign. The campaign was based on the classic movie “Dhamaal”. The KPIs are mind boggling, the campaign garnered more than 334K interaction, 12K likes and thousands of comments.

The campaign was intricately planned and executed. The level of expertise that it showcases can only be found at one place, which is an influencer marketing agency. The number of influencer marketing agencies in India, helping brands create effective campaigns with relevant influencers are increasing day by day.

However, in this blog, we will walk you through about 8 best influencer marketing agencies in India. We will also review their services and see how they are helping businesses succeed with their offerings.

These agencies play a vital role in strategizing the campaigns for brands through their determination and sheer work ethic. Each is formidable in its own right, and you choose any one of them as your influencer marketing agency according to your business goals and needs.

But what are various factors on which basis, brands can select a perfect influencer marketing agency for themselves? We have created a few important parameters that brands should consider while selecting an influencer marketing agency for your brands.

How to Choose an Influencer Marketing Company?

A brand must consider the below-listed factors if they want the right influencer marketing agency for their campaign.

  • Number of On-boarded influencers
  • Previous Campaigns.
  • Previous and Retention clients
  • Awards and accolades
  • Digital Presence
  • Quality of Works, etc.

Among a myriad of opportunities, weighing factors that can suit your brand, based upon the results with which Influencer marketing agency to work is highly crucial. The factors that you consider play a pivotal game in success of your influencer marketing agency selection and thereafter in your influencer campaign.

We have organised a rundown of the best 10 influencer marketing agencies in India.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in India 2024

Influencer Marketing Agency Website
IG Packages
Social Commerce
The Influencer Marketing Factory


About the Company:

Grynow, the top influencer marketing agency promoting the brand for a plenty of purposes, one of which is the way that it joins unique human systems with the latest innovative forward leaps to break down and comprehend agencies, send off crusades, and survey the viability of mission endeavours.

As a reaction to this, they are often in a situation to furnish brands with data that is both solid and supportive, which empowers brands to put forth decisions in regards to their agency promoting attempts in light of veritable data obtained from the actual agencies.

Beside that, the experts at Grynow are familiar with the market, its current and arising patterns, best practices, as well as the special prerequisites and difficulties of a large number of brands. Which is one of the significant reasons Grynow stands apart from the group.

An influencer marketing company helps brands and businesses run influencer campaigns. These agencies help brands and businesses find the right influencers, analyze their target audience, match the target audience of the influencer with that of the brand, create strategies, manage the relationships, execute and deliver the campaign and measure the success.

The brand has worked with probably the greatest names in the business, such as Groww, One Or more, Paytm, Amazon, and Facebook.

USP Experts from prestigious institutions like IIM, IIT, IBM, etc.
The clientele of 1200+ brands like Meta, Puma, H&M, Amazon, etc.
Presence in countries like the US, UK, UAE, Philippines and Indonesia
30,000+ campaigns executed
Contact of 300 million+ influencers, content creators & artists
Comprehensive AI Dashboard
Services Instagram Influencer Marketing
Facebook Influencer Marketing
LinkedIn Influencer Marketing
YouTube Influencer Marketing
UGC Video Production


About the Company:

Grynsta, a top influencer marketing agency in India, empowers brands to widen their scope and increment the size of their client base by illuminating purchasers about impending specials and advancements. They are experts at doing the numerous endeavours that are associated with vital agency Advertising.

Moreover, Grynsta has north of six years of involvement working with agencies and other virtual entertainment specialists, like YouTubers and Instagrammers. This permits them to definitively distinguish the prere

Furthermore, they have helped north of 200 clients hailing from a different scope of ventures and geographic areas. The trust of the brand's clients has been gained by the predictable conveyance of administrations of top notch to a wide cluster of associations, going from brands that produce games for PlayStation to brands that make beauty care products.

USP 200+ clients
6+ years of experience
Top-notch data analytics
100 Million on-boarded influencers
Services Instagram Influencer Marketing
YouTube Influencer Marketing
Facebook Influencer Marketing
LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

3. Vidzy

About the Company:

Vidzy needs no presentation. The agency showcasing brand is quite possibly the most well known brand in India, with a hearty brand of agencies. Vidzy has specialists perceived for contacting a more extensive crowd and advancing their clients really. This brand offers various administrations, including force to be reckoned with recognizable proof and effort, content creation, video creation, crusade the board, relationship building, investigation, and announcing.

Vidzy is one of only a handful of exceptional brands that comprehend the Indian agency promoting scene. They successfully use the capability of Forces to be reckoned with to help their clients reach and enjoy their ideal interest groups.

USP Cost-effective campaigns
Precise optimization of campaigns
Hyper-targeting of audience’s preference
Database of 300 million influencers
Ultra-campaign monitoring & reporting
Services Influencer Marketing
UGC Video Production
Video Ads
2D, 3D Animation

4. IMPHOTO Editor

About the Company:

The experts in agency showcasing at IMPhoto editor are the one who select influencers alongside digital influencers and utilise their narrating, good quality client issue arrangements, and brand-driven content to decidedly impact purchaser conduct to help brands in associating with their separate interest groups.

They help sagacious advertisers in quickly accomplishing their corporate objectives through key influencer campaigns by executing complete and individualised procedures, utilising purchaser information and industry drifts, and taking part in friendly trade.

USP Multiple platform expertise
Personalised campaign execution
Brand-driven content strategy
Agile campaign optimisation
Services Influencer Marketing
Short video production


About the Company:

IgyGrow works with brands to make valuable Key Execution Pointers (KPIs) by taking into account both long haul objectives and current economic situations. The primary stage in successful arranging is fostering an extensive mission brief that obviously explains and portrays the mission's planned results.

The specialists and experts who work on their agency advertising stage know how to classify and find the most proper virtual entertainment agencies for your image in view of their substance, commitment rates, brand security, importance, past coordinated efforts, scientific execution, and other key information factors.

As well as giving an edge in the commercial centre for their clients, their designated placements also increase traffic and revenue. IGYgrow's unmatched extension, far reaching information, and unique agency advertising arrangements have made it the go-to stage for brands, agencies, and even offices from one side of the planet to the other.

USP Comprehensive Approach to KPI Development
Expert Selection of Virtual
Entertainment Agencies
Enhanced Marketplace Competitiveness
Global Reach and Industry-Leading Solutions
Services Influencer Marketing
Video Production

6. Videase

About the Company:

Videase is an agency advertising brand in India that has developed noticeable over the course of the years for its reasonable bundles and wide brand of 1,00,000 + agencies. They have created powerful brief video content for brands overall by using full scale, miniature, and nano impacts. Videase has a specialist group that has practical experience in finding the right brand of agencies that lines up with their client's requirements.

Videase handles video creation for stages like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The brand can mechanise the whole mission beginning to end. Besides, they approach the most recent following and check innovations to gauge the exhibition of your mission and give the last reveal.

USP 10,000+ personalized campaigns executed
Trusted by more than 600 clients
Delivers tangible outcomes
Enhanced brand value, awareness and reputation
Unbeatable video content creation
Services Video Production
Influencer Marketing
Video Ads

7. Videaze

About the Company:

Although numerous agency showcasing brands exist in India, Videaze is quite possibly the best. The agency promoting the brand has a group of experts with skill in drawing in video content for tweaked force to be reckoned with showcasing efforts. Their creatives are enlightening, and drawing in and line up with their client's informing tone. No big surprise, Videaze partakes in the trust of the greatest brands in India.

The agency promoting the office has fabricated a standing through its work. They have conveyed 10,000+ excellent recordings after cautiously inspecting their client's necessities and prerequisites. Consequently, if you need to arrive at your main interest group with compelling video content advertising techniques, then, at that point, Videaze is your agency promoting the brand.

USP Affordable pricing
Monitors influencer content to maintain brand integrity
Micro-macro influencers reach
High-quality video content
Results-driven measurement
Services Video Production
Influencer Marketing
UGC Video Ads

8. IG Packages

About the Company:

Driving agency showcasing brand IG Packagesworks in helping brands in arriving at their interest group on Instagram. On Instagram, which is viewed as perhaps one of the main social media stages for agency showcasing, the brand has become famous as an expert in growing profoundly captivating and fruitful agency promoting efforts.

IG Packages strategy for making content is one more unmistakable element. A group of master content makers at the brand team up intimately with agencies to make drawing in and successful substance. This involves creating outwardly staggering photographs and recordings as well as composing snappy duplicate and subtitles that entice the target group.

USP Precision tracking of metrics
Influencer-driven content expertise
Crafts audience-centric content
Excels in Instagram Influencer campaigns
Excellence in captivating campaignst
Services Short Video Production
Influencer Marketing

9. Social Commerce

About the Company:

As a premier influencer marketing agency, they specialise in harnessing the power of social media to elevate brands and drive results. Their mission is simple: to connect brands with the right influencers to create authentic, engaging content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

At Social Commerce, they understand that successful influencer marketing goes beyond just partnerships—it's about building genuine connections. With their expertise in identifying influencers who align seamlessly with your brand values and objectives, they craft bespoke campaigns that capture attention and inspire action.

Whether you're a startup looking to increase brand awareness or an established company seeking to enhance your online presence, their team is dedicated to delivering innovative strategies tailored to your unique goals.

USP E-commerce oriented influencer and UGC content
Multiple platform expertise
Agile influencer marketing strategies
Wide pool of content creators from multiple platform
Services Influencer Marketing
Developing a Social Commerce Strategy
Selecting the Right Influencers & Social Commerce Platforms
Creating Videos for Social Media Platforms


About the Company:

The helps in the ever-expanding sector of influencer marketing. They have 120+ social professionals that weave a world-class tapestry of knowledge and skill. Plus, the integration of data, creativity, and technology holistically empowers businesses to exceed expectations and break barriers.

Their aim is to magnify the brand's distinctive core­ by blending the boldness of imagination with the­ precision of data. While focusing on the primary goal, the agency selects campaigns that go above and beyond engagement in terms of drawing attention, inspiring action, and producing measurable results like higher click-through rates, views, and conversions.

Plus, they revitalise a one-of-a-kind creative strategy, equipping the brand to achieve ground-breaking commercial success, using an approach that is crafted for each client.

USP Data Driven creativity that ignites result
Efficiency, trust & flexibility at the management level
Transform followers into loyal customers, by turning data into actionable plans
Services Influencer Marketing
Choosing best digital creators
Making Videos for Online Sharing Sites

11. The Influencer Marketing Factory

About the Company:

Everyone is aware of the potential of influencer marketing, but knowing how to leverage it effectively can be challenging but, The Influencer Marketing Factory understands this well and e­mbraces the transformative pote­ntial of influencer marketing to drive­ businesses forward.

When working with clients, the agency takes an A-Z approach to developing marketing strategies that attract target demographics, keep their attention, and ultimately boost sales. Because of its knowledge and hard work, the brand's message can reach the right people at the right time via the appropriate influencers. Therefore, advertising campaigns have the greatest possible effect.

Using their influencer marketing experience, they develop social media influencer programs for various platforms like Instagram, YouTube that are genuine, scalable, and ROI-focused.

Influencers Selection
Contracting Influencers
Content Creation
Services Influencer Marketing
Paid Advertisement
UGC Videos


To sum up, agency showcasing can possibly be a productive strategy for brands that need to work on their perceivability and validity in their separate businesses.

Moreover, firms who are keen on gaining by the viability of agency promoting to publicise their items and administrations might find that brands that work in force to be reckoned with advertising offices can be a very valuable apparatus. By cooperating with a carefully prepared office that advances its items through conspicuous people, brands can possibly help both their perceivability and their benefits.


Ans. Influencers are individuals who have an enormous following via web-based entertainment stages and can impact their following or driving to follow through with something, and that something could be an alter in context towards an item/administration, it very well may be acquiring information about another item send off or repositioning of a current item/administration, contorting the buy choices of their devotees. As of late, agency promoting has turned into a well known way for brands and brands to arrive at their interest group.

Ans. Brands and brands have begun working with agencies to advance their items and administrations. And the market has responded most positively for all the above listed influencer marketing agencies. Among them, Grynow has garnered the top position, so it can be considered as the top influencer marketing agency in India.

Ans. To see the value in the capability of an agency and promoting a brand, it's important to initially understand the meaning of influencer marketing with regards to contemporary marketing. Agencies for sure assume a vital part in digital promotion these days. What's more, brands understand this reality and have begun moving a ton towards promotion. However, the issue they face with the cycle is viewed as the 'right and niched agency’ who alongside their crowd can be a major resource for the brand.

Ans. Brands can straightforwardly move toward makers however they deal with numerous issues for example choice, crowd investigation, story creation, technique creation, so that is the reason they favour agency showcasing brands to finish the work for them, and every single brand takes a stab at the best force to be reckoned with promoting office to execute the work for them.