As we approach the ongoing journey of 2024. This is the right time to dive into the vibrant world of Dubai's Instagram Influencers who have achieved individual milestones while being a constant inspiration source for consumers and a wealth-generating medium for brands.

Instagram has allowed them to reach millions globally by doing what they know best. Every post, story, highlight, and reel by these guiding authorities spark newfound motivation in their followers to travel places, buy products, experiment with fashion, embrace pioneering technologies, and more. According to a survey by the top influencer marketing agency in Dubai, 76% of shoppers lean towards influencer opinions before making a purchase decision. This connection of trust draws more brands into a profitable collaboration with the best Instagram influencers in Dubai every day.

UAE’s influencer marketing industry is valued at $61.9 million in 2024. Brands rely on Dubai's propitious Instagram influencers to cut through competition noise for faster growth as 72% of UAE marketers use influencer marketing to establish consumer relationships (Source: Statista). Now the question is—who are the influencers in Dubai who deserve their seat at the top?

With the help of the best influencer marketing agency, we have created a diverse list of Dubai's best Instagram influencers by analyzing their past performance and future growth prospects. It consists of travelers looking for their next Big adventure, social justice warriors, thought leaders, media personalities, style enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and more. Skim through their content, follow them, and if you need representatives for your business, then these influence makers have your back.

Top Instagram Influencers in Dubai 2024

  • 1. Joelle Mardinian

    Joelle Mardinian


    Joelle Mardinian is a complete influencer - From launching her own business and interviewing renowned celebrities to representing top makeup and fashion brands at world stages. She is a key figure in the beauty and wellness niche.

    About the Gamer:

    Joelle Mardinian is a content creator with multiple talents. She grew up loving makeup and eventually turned it into her career. The Lebanese-born, Dubai Instagram influencer is actively creating reels, stories, highlights, and carousels around lip contour, beauty hacks, makeup unboxing, lense styling, etc. She is a collector of the most luxurious and rarest of beauty products

    Joelle Mardinian’s rise to a respectable public figure means she is the face of renowned fashion and beauty magazines. The star, clad in mesmerizing outfits and the best makeup looks is seen gracing the runways of exclusive shows.


    1. Joelle Mardinian’s content on her rarest fashion and beauty finds, Lifestyle highlights, travel diaries, makeup looks, hair treatment etc have an engagement rate of 1.06%, receiving 300 likes and 250 comments on average.

    2. The popular public figure and content creator recently collaborated with makeup artist Bassam Fattouh, to showcase his exclusive NUDE makeup palette combined with her brand Eye Candy's contact lenses. The real has received 33.4K views in 3 hours.

    3. Joelle Mardinian’s reels on beauty, cosmetics and personal care have an engagement rate of 3.3% at an average view count of 14.8K.

    Brands Worked With:

    Maison de Joelle

  • 2. Huda Kattan

    Huda Kattan


    Huda Kattan keeps her contact raw and authentic without any filters or editing - just an expert display of her makeup skills.

    About the gamer:

    Huda Kattan is the most famous beauty content creator in Dubai with a massive presence on Instagram and YouTube. Huda receives attention from a global audience. Huda wears the label “Your Big Beauty Sister” proudly and her actions complement that. The Dubai-based Instagram Influencer keeps posting makeup hacks, outfit choices, and giveaways on her profile. Each of her posts has the potential to go viral immediately, because of their informative nature.

    The entrepreneur has also established her Cosmetic brand Huda Beauty and health and beauty brand Wishful Skin to give her followers access to the best skincare routines and products.


    1. Huda Kattan shares a lot of content on makeup hacks, beauty product reviews, nail art travel and social issues. The entrepreneur is consistent in her uploads which has effectively taken her engagement rate to 3.96% at an average of 120.3K likes and 3.6K comments.

    2. Huda Kattan recently shared a cute reel of her father doing her blush with her exclusive Cosmetics. The video has generated 3.8M views, 169K likes and 6796 comments in 2 days.

    3. The beauty celebrity’s makeup reels are very popular among the Middle East audience. She posts at least two reels each day. Her videos get a maximum of 8.65am views at an engagement rate of 5.14%.

    Brands Worked With:

    Orabella, Mauzan, ASQ Group

  • 3. Jumana Abdu Rahman

    Jumana Abdu Rahman


    Jumana Abdu Rahman is a highly versatile social media influencer who covers diverse topics through her content. This trait makes Jumana relatable to different demographics across the Middle East. Her ability to incorporate different tones of humor, optimism, persuasion, encouragement, etc - also helps the Dubai-based influencer reach more people.

    About the gamer:

    Jumana Abdul Rahman first gained the public spotlight with her TikTok lip-sync and dance videos and her fashion and beauty insights on Instagram. Today the top Instagram influencer in Dubai creates content on diverse topics including pranks, food, and travel.

    Jumana Abdul Rahman collaborated with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on their upcoming movie promotion. The Instagram influencer has achieved several awards for her work.


    1. Jumana Abdul Rahman shares her journey as a content creator, entrepreneur and mother through her Pictures and videos which grow in likes and comments every day. Her 3000+ posts have an average of 48.9K and 234 comments taking her engagement rate to 1.71%.

    2. Jumana Khan's latest collaboration with Awez Darbar on a funny reel has won many hearts. The video has 168K views, 342 likes and 74 comments in 20 hours.

    3. Jumana Khan uses Short videos to keep her fans updated on her celebrity meet-ups, photoshoot acting Ventures, brand collaborations etc. The digital creator has an average view count of 493K and an engagement date of 6.15%.

    Brands Worked With:

    American Tourister, Yango Play, Air Arabia Group, Intel, and Vivo.

  • 4. Nadya Hasan

    Nadya Hasan


    The fashion Expert Nadya Hasan networks with the top industry leaders and content creators.

    About the gamer:

    Nadya Hasan is a prolific fashionista and designer in the UAE and her satisfying personalized content with uniquely crafted clothing, accessories and hairstyles turns heads everywhere. As one of the most popular Instagram Influencers in Dubai, Nadia uses the platform's visual appeal to give shape to her imagination. She is a frequent face at summits, forums, and shows. Profession creations feature on the covers of exclusive lifestyle and fashion magazines. If this was not enough, Nadia Hassan also takes her creativity to different countries, embracing the native's colors, geography, culture, and designs in her contents.


    1. Nadya Hassan dedicates her time uplifting the fashion and beauty community, traveling, spending time with family and more. The Dubai-based content creator uploads new posts every day which have an upward engagement of 2.50% - receiving an average of 3000 likes and 100 comments.

    2. Nadia shared glimpses of her stay at Shangri La Abu Dhabi through a video, before her pregnancy due date. The post has 52.2K views since the upload.

    3. Digital creator reels highlights snippets of her professional and personal lifestyle. The short videos have an engagement rate of 2.03% at an average view count of 88.1K.

    Brands Worked With:

    Shangri La Dubai, Louis Vuitton, Ounass, Piferi, Elli Junior and Mima Kids.

  • 5. Latifa Alshamisi

    Latifa Alshamisi


    A collection of exciting pictures and videos resulting from Latifa Alshsmsi’s trifecta of food, fashion, and travel passions, is unique to her social media platforms.

    About the gamer:

    Latifa Al Shamsi is an active Emirati fashion, Food, and travel blogger who has been creating high-quality content since 2010. Latifa has worked with several brands across the Middle East and won multiple accolades throughout her journey. The top influencer in the UAE presents a unique blend of class, luxury, tradition, and pop culture in her styles, which resonates with people across different age groups. Latifa flaunts a gorgeous black Abaya from her Dollab clothing line in her latest Instagram reel, which has 20.1K views, 695 likes, and 79 comments. She has a substantial presence on Instagram and YouTube.


    1. As the first Emirates fashion food and travel blogger Latifa Al Shamsi has a lot to talk about in her Instagram pictures and videos. Her 8200 + posts have an engagement rate of 3.20%, receiving an average of 1930 likes and 160 comments.

    2. The famous blogger's Instagram reels have an average view count of 73.9K at an engagement rate of 2.9%.

    3. Latifa Al Shamsi created a reel narrating her journey to Dubai festival city mall and purchasing Ebel watches for this Eid. She took her viewers through the different watch color selection and ended the video by gifting it to her loved ones. The video has 15.3K views, 297 likes and 16 comments in 20 hours.

    Brands Worked With:

    Ebel, Cartier, Tryano Store and Dubai Festival City Mall.

  • 6. Nour Arida

     Nour Arida


    Fashion influencer and designer Nour Arida has worked with different stakeholders in the industry. She utilizes updated trends to deliver marketing messages to her target audience.

    About the gamer:

    Nour Arida is a Lebanese-born fashion icon, entrepreneur, content creator, and activist who has established her place amongst the top Instagram influencers in Dubai, with her fashion contributions.

    Nour Arida is counted among the elite models in the world. Her various milestones are featured on the covers of magazines like Vogue, The New Fashion Heroes, Noun, L’officiel, Elle, Mojeh, Yung, and Harper's Bazaar Arabia. Moreover, the fashionista is a staunch advocate of women's rights and empowerment.

    The Dubai-based Instagram influencer's exclusive product lines are sold at the biggest stores in the Middle East.


    1. The global artist has achieved multiple milestones in fashion, music, beauty and lifestyle. Her Instagram pictures and videos generate 188.4K likes and 2.2K comments at an engagement rate of 2.62%.

    2. Nour Arida took a blindfold makeup challenge with her best friend using products from different brands. The funny and relatable video has 1.1M views, 39.2K likes and 231 comments.

    3. Nour Arida’s creative and innovative Instagram reels have 26.8M average views, generating an engagement rate of 3.04%.

    Brands Worked With:

    Makeup Forever, Sephora, Louis Vuitton, Neutrogena, The Attico, Visit Abu Dhabi, Audemars Piguet, Vilebrequin, Rimmel and Alo Yoga.

  • 7. Narin Amara

    Narin Amara


    Narin Amara has a distinguished reputation in the beauty and lifestyle realms, because of her relatable content. She has worked with the most prestigious global brands.

    About the gamer:

    Now we head over to Sweden where we find Narin Amara - a Syrian-Swedish Instagram influencer with a strong fanbase on Instagram and YouTube. She is a headstrong beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer who has conquered all challenges to claim her spot as one of the best Instagram influencers in Dubai.

    Narin Amara is the proud recipient of the “Beauty Influencer of the Year” award at the Emiagala Awards. The Dubai-based Influencer has nurtured a loyal fan base across multiple platforms. She uploads makeup vlogs and pranks. Shares her beauty tips and routines. Engages in challenges with other top Instagram Influencers in Dubai and much more. The Influencer also posts her bold and beautiful outfit of the day.

    Narin’s ability to speak with her audience with personable narratives attracts businesses.


    1. The influencer's impressive showcase of the HUAWEI Mate Book X Pro with a captivating Instagram reel has generated 3.6M views, 17K likes and 11K Comment's.

    2. Narin Amara uploads a variety of posts on her profile starting with brand and creator collaborations, interviews, behind the scenes etc. Her Highly interactive posts have an engagement date of 3.87%, receiving an average of 332.7K likes and 8.5K comments.

    3. The video creators reels have average view count of 6.5K and an engagement rate of 4.4%.

    Brands Worked With:

    Huawei, Maybelline, TUMI, Max Fashion and Noon.

  • 8. Khalid Al Ameri

    Khalid Al Ameri


    Khalid Al Ameri loves to interact with the different cultures and ethnicities that inhabit the UAE. He strives to improve understanding between people and help make the world a better place.

    About the gamer:

    Khalid Al Ameri is a UAE-based content creator, entertainer, and entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling. The influencer narrates beautiful narratives about his activities - whether he is discovering new food in the UAE, exploring new countries and their cultures, or talking about festivities. The Instagram influencer meets recognized National and international celebrities and leaders all the time. Khalid makes people fall in love with him with humor and charm. The content creator has played different characters in his videos - each with a unique personality and style - which compel emotions from his viewers.


    1. Just recently Khalid Al Ameri interviewed the South Indian actor Mammootty. He uploaded a reel, sharing a snippet of their interaction, which received 12.4M views, 758K likes, and 21K comments in 5 days.

    2. The Dubai-based entertainer also makes people laugh with his humor. Like Khalid Al Ameris recent funny skit about his first day of cabin crew training - which received 456K views in one day. The influencer's posts have an engagement rate of 57.45%, receiving an average of 3:51K likes and 5.3K comments.

    3. Khalid Al Ameri’s reels have an average view count of 7.8M at an engagement rate of 5.82%

    Brands Worked With:

    Skechers and PF Changs.

  • 9. Leen Aboushaar

    Leen Aboushaar


    The popular Emirati fashion and lifestyle presenter uses her media experience to tackle different subjects associated with her niches. She uses her social media reach to bring attention to key societal issues.

    About the gamer:

    Meet the famous journalist and presenter Leen Aboushaar who is also known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Her Tutorials, tips, and hacks meet audience expectations, thus building credibility for the Instagrammer.

    Leen Aboushaar won the Social Queen content creator award at the MENA Creators Awards. She presents new masterpieces with each Instagram upload when she experiments with different colors and styles. The Digital creator has a history of collaborating with top Instagram influencers in the Middle East on campaigns designed to spark curiosity for brands and their products. Leen Aboushar partnered with Huawei for the promotion of the company's Pura 70 ultra and Watch Fit 3.


    1. Leen Aboushaar posts around her lifestyle has garnered attention from a global fan base which has effectively elevated her profile engagement rate to 2.05%. Leens highly detail and creative social media posts receive an average of 59.7K likes and 488 comments.

    2. Leen Aboushaar’s latest Instagram video flaunting four different looks with products from SHEIN and Shop MOTF has generated 434K views, 17.14k likes, 344 comments.

    3. The Dubai best blogger, journalist and presenter has a broad portfolio of Instagram reels which receive an average of 1.87M views and an engagement rate of 4.11%.

    Brands Worked With:

    SHEIN, Queen Contour, Cybex and MOTF.

  • 10. Noha Nabil

    Noha Nabil


    Noha Nabil is a content creator and entrepreneur, who uses her platform to promote beauty and diversity in the Arab landscape. The influencer's exclusive product lines are designed to meet everyone's beauty needs.

    About the gamer:

    Noha Nabil's journey from a chemical engineer and TV presenter to one of Dubai’s best Instagram influencers is something for the history books. She has taken the beauty industry by storm with her efforts as an entrepreneur and content creator. Noha wants every woman to be comfortable with their looks.

    The Instagram influencer flaunts different makeup looks and luxurious outfits on her Instagram profile. She gets a broad attendance from a global audience. Noha’s efforts at growing the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion communities in the Middle East have earned her multiple accolades and recognitions. She was in Forbes's list of Top 10 most influential Arab women on social media.

    Renowned influential personalities and public figures value Noha Nabil’s opinions on different subjects.


    1. Noha Nabil talks about new products and how her followers can access them. She also shares her skin care routine and makeup tutorials along with cute family moments which resonate with millions. Noha’s pictures in videos have a combined engagement rate of 2.35%, at an average of 44.5K likes and 234 comments.

    2. Noha Nabil uploaded a very special video where she created makeup looks using products from regional brands. The reel created in collaboration with luxury retail brand Ounass, received 226K views, 31.7K likes and 207 comments in 4 days.

    3. The influencer uploads many short videos in a day which can receive a maximum of 1.20M views at an engagement rate of 7.83%.

    Brands Worked With:

    Ounass, 11:11, BioDerma and Esthederm.

  • 11. Noor Naim

    Noor Naim


    Noor Naim presents the best of the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle worlds with a generous serving of humor. There are multiple country and cultural references in her content which appeals to a broad audience with distinct interests.

    About the gamer:

    Noor Naim also known as Noor Star is one of the most popular fashion, lifestyle, and beauty Instagram influencers in Dubai UAE. The digital creator wakes up every day intending to put a smile on her followers' faces. Noor produces enchanting pictures and videos, on Instagram, with finer details, complementing backdrops, and contrasting colors - when promoting brands or exploring her many passions. Noor Naim features different celebrities and social media personalities, on her Stars Podcast, where she interviews them with the most refined questions. Her detailed hauls, demonstrations, unboxing, sneak peeks, and transitions highlight key product details, to inform followers.


    1. Noor Naim posts a lot about her professional and personal life on Instagram which makes her content personable to a broad audience. Recently, she uploaded a reel, announcing her engagement to Kareem Al Sharif, which went viral generating 5.2M views, 419K likes and 14.7K comments in 2 hours.

    2. The Dubai-based influencer has an engagement rate of 1.69% at an average of 85.9K likes and 15.9 comments on her Instagram pictures and videos.

    3. Noor Naims is often surrounded by notable social media, movie and media personalities. She shares sneak peeks of her many ventures through Instagram reels which have an average view count of 3.34M, at an engagement rate of 6.79%.

    Brands Worked With:

    Lakme Lakme, Fendi, Loreal, Orabelle, Benefit Cosmetics, and Gentle Monster.

  • 12. Aliona



    Aliona has successfully incorporated herself into multiple industries, earning her brand collaborations from fashion beauty, travel, shopping, retail, tech and other brands.

    About the gamer:

    Next on the list is Aliona, one of the most talented and authoritative content creators in the Middle East. See along with her husband Yazan Abweny form a formidable duo of Emirati Instagram influencers. They have built a substantial presence across Snapchat, Instagram , YouTube and Tiktok with relatable humor, family lifestyle and personal milestones. The fashionable tiktok content creator uses short videos to demonstrate her makeup skills and product selections. She uploaded multiple hair, nail and skin care hacks that anyone can follow with affordable products and simple steps. Notable magazines talk about Aliona’s accomplishments all the time.


    1. The famous Instagram influencer in the Middle East has a wide selection of informative content to choose from. Her pictures and videos have an upward engagement rate of 36.37% and average of 175.9K likes and 1370 comments.

    2. In a latest reel Aliona was in promoting Charlotte Tilbury’s brand new fragrance collection. She pick up perfect location to walk around and combined it with catchy music to hold her audience's attention. The video has received 869K views, 29.4K likes and 251 comments in 4 days.

    3. The Dubai-based content creator gets impressive interaction from her reels which stand at an average view count of 10.2M with an engagement rate of 6.91%.

    Brands Worked With:

    Charlotte Tilbury, Huawei, Asteri Beauty, AlRaz, YSL Beauty and Maybelline.


The top Instagram influencers in the UAE have dominated different niches for a long time. They have the expertise which draws new audiences to the exciting and creative content everyday. The authority built by these opinion makers present new opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers, with the power to convince and convert them.

With this we conclude our list of Top Instagram Influencers In Dubai, UAE. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. We will continue to update this article with new influencer talents in the UAE - so do visit again.