According to Statista, there are 4000+ YouTubers in the United Arab Emirates with almost 50,000 subscribers, while 245 YouTubers hit the million subscriber milestone. Well, YouTube is an oasis of creativity—a place for Dubai's growing population to find knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment from the top YouTubers.

These numbers continue to inflate daily as photographers, fashionistas, gamers, makeup artists, comedians, travel enthusiasts, and many other content creators move to the United Arab Emirates for its safety, breathtaking infrastructure, rich traditions, social media savvy audience, and luxury that matches their lifestyle.

These individuals make Dubai's growing YouTube Fraternity. Picking the top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE from this vast talent pool is a behemoth task when each creator has reached the epitome of their respective industries and has unique stories that captivate niche audiences.

While putting together this article, we approached the top influencer marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. The insights offered by the agency's talented team allowed us to judge Dubai's promising YouTubers on multiple criteria - From content efficiency, posting frequency, and audience impact to authenticity, history, future potential, and values. Join us as we uncover the secrets of the best YouTubers in Dubai that allow them to connect and inspire large communities.

List Of The Top YouTubers in Middle East (2024)

  • 1. Joe HaTTab

    Joe HaTTab


    Joe HaTTab is a filmmaker and travel vlogger. His passion takes him to the most remote corners of the globe to search for untamed beauty. Over the years, the YouTuber has turned many onlookers into life-long fans with his artistic brilliance.

    About the YouTuber:

    Joe HaTTab, one of the most followed YouTubers in Dubai, is a legendary documentary filmmaker known for his captivating visual narrators that he draws with his shooting abilities. The passionate traveler and his camera have been to places less traveled. The Dubai-based YouTuber's eye for cinematic brilliance never fails to capture every detail. His emotion-evoking videos perform incredibly well across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Moreover, Joe HaTTab has translated his content into different languages to reach broader audiences with his creativity.

    Joe HaTTab started making documentary films in 2016 and has since worked to generate awareness for many societal and environmental issues.


    1. The 518+ videos uploaded by Joe HaTTab, covering his travel experience, discoveries and documentaries have generated 1.51B views.

    2.The YouTuber captured the magic of Yemen, with his exceptional cinematic videography skills. He talked about the landscape, people, culture and hospitality of the land in his video which now has 1.78M views, 29K comments and 181K likes.

    3. Joe HaTTab uploads at least 3 videos of 30+ minute duration on his channel every month.

    4. The documentary filmmaker has a global audience. His channel grew with 300K subscribers in the last 30 days, at 50% growth rate.

    Brands Worked With:

    SanDisk, Visa, Etihad, Emirates, Nikon, Google, Turkish Airlines, KIA and Canon.

  • 2. Noor Naims

    Noor Naims


    Noor Naims monopolizes the strangest, most unique content that people cannot find anywhere. However, Noor Naim takes this distinctive trait forward by combining it with pop references.

    About the YouTuber:

    Noor Naims, aka Noor Stars, is a YouTuber in the United Arab Emirates. created her channel in 2014, Noor Stars has uploaded 710+ videos on beauty, lifestyle, reactions, makeup tricks, travel diaries, challenges, clothing hauls, and relatable comedy. Amongst her videos are in the original soundtrack of her voice, which receives massive views.

    Among the Diva's endeavors are her frequent fashion shows, summit appearances, and a popular podcast in which she interviews top celebrities and social media personalities. Noor Stars also has professional ties with Global content creators.


    1. Noor Naims short clips, music videos, translated posts, week series, tools, makeup beauty tips, stories, podcasts, comedy series, pranks, challenges, weight loss journey etc have generated 2.94B views in the Channel's lifetime.

    2. Noor continues to attract a substantial viewership to her channel. Last month she received an upward of 17.7M views From all her videos.

    3. The famous YouTuber recreated the strangest color trend in Korea with 27 steps, in her latest video which has 712K views, 32.5K likes and 3.76K comments.

    Brands Worked With:

    Netflix, Hermes, Huawei, Aldo Shoes, Orebella, Christian Louboutin, Carolina Herrera and Proenza Schouler.

  • 3. Alexandra Mary Hirschi

    Alexandra Mary Hirschi


    Alexandra Mary Hirschi’s YouTube channel is heaven for any automobile enthusiast. We can take refuge in the spellbinding display of wonders of two-, four-, or no-wheeler machinery.

    About the YouTuber:

    Alexandra Mary Hirschi, also known as SuperCar Blondie, has a massive global following because of her passion for automobiles. To pump her adrenaline, the Dubai-based Youtuber constantly searches for new, luxurious, concept, and innovative cars, bikes, Jet skis, yachts, submarines, etc. When she does, Alexandra goes all in, identifying the vehicle's build, machinery, engine, riding feel, and more to give her audience a virtual experience. Set your vehicle expectations, and expect SuperCar Blondie to surpass them.

    Alexandra Mary Hirschi uploads new videos on new vehicles every day. She goes on adventures with them, takes exclusive drone shots, reviews complementary gadgets that come with the cars, releases her top 10 picks, etc. The YouTuber also meets celebrities and artists and interviews them about their cars.


    1. Alexandra’s 1.19K+ videos have generated 9.19B views on her channel so far.

    2. The YouTuber recently uploaded a 15 minutes and 14 second video on the most powerful and rare BMW XM label rate. The video which has 199K views, 5.56K likes and 416 comments emphasized the rarity of this car, the carbon fiber body, pricing and design.

    3. The Supercar Blondie channel has witnessed an upward spike of 300,000 subscribers and 202M views in the last 30 days.

    4. The YouTuber uploaded 34 videos last month.

    Brands Worked With:

    Aspark, SBX Cars, Larte Design and Top Marques Monaco.

  • 4. Huda Kattan

    Huda Kattan


    The success of Huda Kattan has echoed throughout the Beauty World. Her entrepreneurial journey has established her brand in different corners of the globe. Top celebrities and influencers use Huda Kattan’s makeup advice and products.

    About the YouTuber:

    We are now stepping into the makeup realm and have none other than Dubai's most popular content creator, Huda Kattan. The popular YouTuber loved makeup and has been experimenting with different products since she was old enough to wear them.

    Today, Huda Kattan has been driving her career by following her passion. She uploads new product reviews, launches, DIYs, tips, and tutorials daily on her social media platforms. She is mindful of her subscribers' expectations and delivers the correct information.

    The famous YouTuber In Dubai also started her beauty product line, Huda Beauty, to give people access to the best lipsticks, Foundations, Setting powders, etc., for every skin tone.


    1. Huda Kattan’s ultimate guide on baking vs. setting has received 3.20M views, 250 comments, and 39.1K likes.

    2. The CEO and founder of HUDA Beauty has uploaded 340 videos, around celebrity makeup, makeup secrets, beauty vlogs, product hauls, how-to’s etc in the channel's lifetime which have generated 182M + views.

    3. Huda Kattan added 10,000+ plus subscribers to her channel in the last 30 days which is a 100% increase from last month.

    4. Huda published 5 videos in the last 30 days and added 4.11M views to her channel.

    Brands Worked With:

    Kayali, Sephora and Nykaa.

  • 5. Abdulaziz Baz

    Abdulaziz Baz


    Abdulaziz has spread his influence into multiple industries. The connections he has built through multiple collaborations guarantee high results for businesses that work with him.

    About the YouTuber

    Abdulaziz Baz, also known as The Real Bin Baz, is a famous comedian, entertainment actor, and model from UAE. He is known for his comedy skits, charity events, challenges, pranks, travel vlogs, and collaborations inspired by his lifestyle. For instance, he recorded his friends' reactions to his new hairstyle or their trip to the desert. He is also known for his fashion and love for sports.

    Abdulaziz Baz takes part in high-octane activities like kickboxing and dirt biking. He has traveled across the world and met renowned celebrities and leaders. The UAE-based YouTuber has collaborated with various influencers on diverse content formats, from animators and fashionistas to athletes and comedians. This has given him an extensive reach into different segments. He can creatively blend his entertainment style into every niche—even fitness and cooking. He recently worked on the promotion of the movie Dune.


    1. Abdulaziz Baz loves to travel. His video titled “Guess where i’m going..” has received 19.2K views, 814 likes and 225 comments.

    2. The middle Eastern content creator has uploaded 142 videos on his YouTube channel which have generated 53.5M views.

    Brands Worked With:

    Abu Dhabi Calendar, Centrepoint stores, UAE Wrestling, Yas Island and IHG Hotels.

  • 6. Anncy Twinkle

    Anncy Twinkle


    Anncy Twinkle is an outspoken fashionista with teachings on motivation and empowerment. She presents a platform to discuss sensitive issues. The next generation looks up to this YouTuber for inspiration.

    About the YouTuber:

    There is a large diaspora of Indians in UAE, and from there, we have the very funny and charming fashionista and Beauty Icon Annecy Twinkle. She has built a sizable audience on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The Top YouTuber in Dubai has set herself apart by integrating her expertise - i.e., beauty, satire, and comedy, into relatable content. For instance, makeup for Indian arranged marriages, reactions to dating coaches on TikTok, or filming traditional Indian GRWM, which is supposedly "problematic." Her videos are 30 minutes long on average, which has generated 113 M views to her channel. The famous YouTuber also has a popular "The brown brats podcast" podcast.


    1.Anncy Twinkle uploaded two videos and received 592K views in the last 30 days.

    2. In her latest video titles “I am having an arranged marriage”, Anncy Twinkle is seen using Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit Cosmetics, Rare Beauty, NARS cosmetics, YSL Beauty and products from other brands, to share her makeup routine. The video, which has a hundred 117K views, 5.79K likes and 520 comments, had multiple feedback from the viewers.

    Brands Worked With:

    Charlotte Tilbury, NARS cosmetics, YSL Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Natasha Denona, Shiseido and RCMA.

  • 7. Rashed Belhasa

    Rashed Belhasa


    Rashed Belhasa is an entrepreneur, athlete, and entertainer. He has the most extensive network of high-profile industry leaders across the Middle East.

    About The YouTuber

    Rashed Belhasa, aka Money Kicks, is amongst Dubai's younger YouTube content creators who have achieved massive success quickly. This is because of Rashed's highly luxurious content around boxing, travel, product reviews, and celebrity collaborations. The YouTuber loves to talk about his sneakers and car collection. He also has frequent interactions with singers, movie stars, athletes, influencers and other notable figures. For instance, Rashed met Travis Scott in Dubai and joined the famous Hasbulla for a car ride.

    Celebrities who have featured the YouTubers' content include Tyson Fury, DaBaby, Francis Ngannau, Karim Benzema, Logan Paul, and Paul Pogba.


    1. Rashed Belhasa uploaded 153 + videos which have generated 250 + views on his channel.

    2. Money Kicks received 10,000 New subscribers in the last 30 days and grew by under 190K views.

    3. He recently posted about the Indian rapper MC Stan visiting him during his boxing match. The complete record of the interaction in 18 minutes and 3 second video generated 397K views, 19.7K likes and 1.27K comments.

    Brands Worked With:

    Navitus Parfums, Prime, Huawei, Fun and Shakes and Kipling.

  • 8. Sandra Sahi

    Sandra Sahi


    Sandra Sahi's music has won many hearts and brought cultures together. She is one of the most recognized artists in the Middle East and has a vast social media following.

    About The YouTuber

    Sandra Sahi's voice is just as breathtaking as her style, which the Dubai-based YouTuber flaunts in her YouTube music videos. As a famous Oriental Pop artist, Sandra has performed in packed arenas globally. Her music videos from Marbella, Ya Hayati, and Bye Bye have generated millions of streams on Spotify. Her next album, "Love Languages," is set to break more records when it releases on June 20, 2024.

    Besides taking her audience on her musical journey, Sandra also vlogs her moments, like packing for a music tour, expressing the joy of becoming an aunt, hotel room tours, music videos behind the scenes, travels to mind-boggling cities, and more.


    1. The singer won the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award in 2023.

    2. The popular artist has 167 videos on her YouTube channel which have generated 60.1M views.

    3. Sandra Sahi witnessed a 14% spike in average views at 23.3K, with a 1000+ jump in subscribers in the last 30 days.

    4. The singer's behind the scenes before she received the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Award in 2023 has 12.7K views, 866 likes and 46 comments.

    5. Sandra Sahi’s 168+ videos consisting of vlogs, music covers, song clips etc have jointly delivered 60.1M views in her channel's lifetime.

    Brands Worked With:

    Essence Cosmetics Arabia, Versace, Amada, Spotify Arabia, Huda Beauty and F1.

  • 9. Mazaj



    Mazaj official is where content creators from different niches showcase their expertise.

    About the YouTuber:

    Mazaj is one of those YouTube channels in Dubai where everything goes. Do you need relatable cooking stories? The best chefs in Dubai show you their skills. If you want makeup tips, Mazaj has the best beauty expert to demonstrate them. The treasured YouTubers also provide comedy skits, video game contests, fun challenges with other UAE YouTubers, and live interaction with the audience - even dramas. Mazaj official is a complete channel for people with multiple interests. This is why the content creator enjoys a strong following on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat.


    1. The recent video, on the Dubai-based YouTuber channel translated as a Pub G challenge between Hossam Kwik and Rima Stars, generated 1.59K views, 98 comments, and 344 likes in 4 hours.

    2. As one of the most active YouTube channels in UAE, Mazaj receives an average of 3.11M views everyday, from 1.50K videos.

    The YouTube channel received 65 videos in the last 30 days with a whooping 35.3M views.

    3. Mazaj saw a 40% increase in subscribers, with 70,000 new entries. The channel also had a 22% rise in viewership with an additional 36.3M views since last month.

    Brands Worked With:

    SHEIN Arabia, Etihad and Esposa.

  • 10. Emkwan



    Emkwan has developed a reputation for providing the best Tech content that compliments a luxurious lifestyle. He is one of the first YouTubers in UAE to introduce new tech innovations in the market.

    About the YouTuber:

    We now take a step into the Tech world. That means introducing Emkwan. Who is he? He is the best tech YouTuber in Dubai, always focusing on the next smartphones, VR headsets, smartwatches, cars, etc., that will revolutionize the technology landscape. Emkwan has reviewed Nothing, Huawei, LandRover, Apple, Rolex, Samsung, and more tech products. He also talks about AI and chat GPT and their impact on the future.

    Emkwan won Esquire Magazine's Digital Influencer Award and made it into AHLAN magazine's Hot 100 list. Gulf News also calls Emkwan one of Dubai's Leading Video Bloggers. From unboxing and ASMR to in-depth product reviews and usage tips, the Tech video creator addresses all the questions an average technology enthusiast would have.


    1. Emkwan has 630 + high quality videos on tech, gadgets, luxury and cars which have jointly contributed to his channel's 60.1M views.

    2. Emkwaan recently uploaded a detailed video on Dyson v15s detect submarine vacuum cleaner - from unboxing and demonstration to tests and final review. The youtubers spent a month testing the product on marble, hardwood and other floor types. The video which has accumulated 15.2K views, 28 comments and 60 likes proved vital for consumer decision making.

    3. Emkwaan uploaded 11 + high quality videos and generated 432K views in the last month.

    Brands Worked With:

    Dyson, Land Rover, Huawei, iPhone and Boo Burgers.

  • 11. Mo Vlogs

    Mo Vlogs


    Mohammed is present at every important event in the United Arab Emirates. His videos are vital tools for businesses and celebrities to create first impressions before a big unveiling.

    About The YouTuber:

    Mohammed is one of the most subscribed YouTubers in Dubai. He started as a gamer but eventually found a niche in the luxury industry.

    The Dubai-based digital creator owns Multiple properties in Different cities worldwide, which he frequently covers in his vlogs. Furthermore, he drives sports cars, Interacts with top celebrities and entrepreneurs like Salman Khan, Iman Gadzi, and Andrew Tate, takes trips across the world in his yacht, and more. The famous entertainer also has multiple original soundtracks released in collaboration with renowned singers.

    Mohammed's multiple endeavors have successfully established his reputation as one of the top YouTubers in Dubai. He makes Red-carpet appearances at movie premieres and gets invited to exclusive tech summits and forums.


    1. Mo vlogs have accumulated 3.12B views from 1.99k high quality videos on diverse topics and concepts. The famous Emirati youtuber continues to upload new content on his social media handles everyday.

    2. The channel witnessed a 2% rise in viewership with 15.5M additional views, compared to the previous month.

    3. Mohammed's video on his experience meeting with Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan in Dubai - and his reaction to the flood in Dubai has crossed 298 K views, 8.37K likes and 667 comments.

    Brands Worked With:

    EVO sim, Universal Pictures, Arista Properties, and Swiss Yacht

  • 12. Lowi Sahi

    Lowi Sahi


    Lowi Sahi creates videos that reflect the lifestyle and culture of people across the Arabic world.

    About The YouTuber:

    Lowi Sahi is from Iraq but calls Dubai his home. He created one of the most popular YouTube channels in the country by making videos on multiple topics. There is music on his channel, podcasts with relatable topic discussions, fun challenges, comedy skits, food recipes and reviews, travel diaries, motivational stories, and much more that attracts audiences worldwide. The YouTubers' videos also have hidden messages and tips that apply to one's everyday life. For instance, there are videos covering the story of Iraqi money, University life in Baghdad, moving from Europe to Dubai, and the story of Iraqi cinema.


    1. Lowi Sahi podcasts, music, challenges, jokes, programs, comedy, family fun, travel diaries, food content etc have jointly contributed to his channel's popularity. His 920 + videos have generated 327M views.

    2. The YouTuber’s videos generate an average of 11.3k views everyday.

    3. Lowi Sahi's video summarizing his wedding day is the most popular video on his channel with 14M views, 11.9K comments and 165K likes.

    Brands Worked With:

    Abo Al-Abd, Arab Reading, Film Dubai, Ferrero Rocher Middle East, Sahi Estate and Burgerat.


The top YouTubers in the UAE are authorities who get looked up for entertainment and inspiration by the 98.7% population that is on YouTube (Source: Statista). UAE’s best YouTube creators occupy every niche from travel, food and tech to Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. These individuals continue to surpass their creative constraints with every video. The fast-paced growth and rising influence, displayed by UAE's leading Youtubers is something brands can get behind to supplement their overall marketing strategies.