Best Indian Gaming Influencers on Instagram 2023

Posted On : 20-06-2023

Best Indian Gaming Influencers on Instagram 2023

Gaming as an industry is booming and so are the influencers. As per YouGov, 9% of consumers of all markets follow a gaming influencer. This reflects the incredible benefits it can provide to your brand. These gaming influencers can smoothly promote your brand without it looking like a promotion.

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The primary reasons for the success of these gaming influencers are their authenticity and true love for gaming. They have hands-on experience on everything that they guide or recommend. This makes their  recommendations trustworthy to the audience. Moreover, as you will find all of the gaming influencers to be really different from the crowd and creative, they will be able to go beyond traditional means of advertising to get you the best results.

But before we take a look at the best Indian gaming influencers on Instagram, let us understand who exactly are gaming instagrammers.

Who Are Gaming Instagrammers?

Gaming Instagrammers are creators whose content revolves around different games and who try to entertain/motivate others with their skills. They often share gameplay with their commentary, tricks to beat levels, and much more.

As the craze for quality games has always been there, these creators serve as idols for those gaming enthusiasts who know the level of practice and knowledge one needs to complete these games. These Indian gaming Instagrammers often take part in competitions as well which gives them great credibility and makes them famous.

This makes them one of the most in-demand influencers for brands to increase their visibility.

Gaming influencers are of different types and hence a brand can choose and work with accordingly. Let’s understand them briefly.

Types Of Gaming Instagrammers

When we talk about gaming influencers, you will find a lot of diverse personalities on the platform. Each of them brings some uniqueness in their approach making them highly influential. Let’s take a look:

Streamers or Game Experts: They are gamers who have unmatched skill set. They show their insane techniques, tutorials to cross hard levels, tips for fellow gamers. You will also find them interacting with their audience and entertaining them.

Game Reviewers: They are gaming Instagrammers who analyze the strength and weakness of a game, provide reviews on the experience of a game, etc so that you can choose whether to play it or not.

Cosplayers: These gamers take the content to the next level by dressing up as their favorite characters of trending games. You will find them attending gaming conventions or sharing their cosplay with you.

Collectors: These gamers like to collect unique art pieces, gaming consoles, cards, etc of the most legendary games. These pieces have a lot of value in the gaming community due to which you will find them at a lot of trading communities getting their hands on exclusive items.

Retro gamers: These are gaming Instagrammers who play the games that have been super iconic since the start. They share that nostalgia with the audience by streaming those games, sharing unique insights about it, etc.

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Now, let’s explore top Indian gaming influencers who love to play game, entertain and also promote a brand.

Top 10 Gaming Influencers in India (2023)

Now comes the section which you are waiting for right? Who are the ones who have cracked the code in the niche? How are they unique and how can they help you? Let’s find out:

  • Aditya Sawant

    Aditya Sawant

    Instagram: dynamo gaming

    Aditya Aka dynamo gaming is one of the most confident players in the scene. He has never shied away from taking part in competitions, trying out new games, and perfecting his skills in the most difficult games, etc to stand apart from others.

    His more than 2 million followers and each of his content trending on the platform shows his success in doing the same. His content ranges from insights into his personal life, videos of popular gaming events, updates about his upcoming content, etc. He tries to keep his audience entertained throughout by bringing something new to the scene.

  • Payal


    Instagram: payalgamingg

    Payal is one of the most skilled Instagram gamers in the scene and we don’t just mean it in the sense of playing games but coming up with content that keeps her audience engaged ranging from meme reviews on her stream to vlogs. This helps her develop a personal connection with her audience, getting her insane followers and engagement.

    She is one of the few female gaming Instagrammers who give tough competition to even the best and has won numerous awards as well. You will find the majority of her streams trending on Instagram for being so entertaining.

  • Ajey Nagar

    Ajey Nagar

    Instagram: Carryminati

    Ajey Nagar, one of the most powerful and famous influencers today in India holds not just the most subscribed independent channel in India but a gaming channel called carryislive where he has over 11.7 million subscribers. His average views on the channel is 3 million which just shows the kind of pull he has with his content.

    On his Instagram having over 17.5 million followers, he frequently posts his gameplay from there, interacts with the audience, keeps updating the audience on his future projects and moves in gaming, etc. He has also been judging a game show on Amazon TV called Playground.

    On the show, he has constantly expressed his views to take the gaming scene forward in India as well. He is the perfect choice for any brand that is trying to make waves with its campaigns and gain maximum ROI.

  • Naman Mathur

    Naman Mathur

    Instagram: ig_mortal

    Naman Mathur is one of those Instagram gamers who have been owning the space with their insane gaming skills in different games. He has been nominated for various wards like mobile content creator of the year, etc.

    He has represented India internationally in games like Pubg which has made him a following of over 5.3 million and an influence so strong that the top brands have confessed to getting great results with his partnership. He clocks an average of 216k likes and over 100 comments irrespective of whatever he posts. This shows the influence he can create in his audience.

  • Ritik And Jash

    Ritik And Jash

    Instagram: twosidegamers

    This account’s USP stands to be the duo who not just performs exceptionally well in any game that is trending but makes the gameplays or live streams really interesting with their banters.

    They have been one of the most consistent influencers who put out regular content on their Instagram ranging from short vlogs to behind the scenes. As they have been genuine in their approach throughout, you will find a lot of people connecting to them on a personal level. Their each content piece getting over 3k comments is a testament to the same.

  • Ajay


    Instagram: Total Gaming

    Ajay Aka total gaming is the top gaming Instagrammers in India and has the most subscribed gaming channel in India as well. He has been known for pulling an audience with just skills and not showing his face. His commentary has been top notch owing to the experience he has in space. He can make the most boring games seem so exciting.

    He has his hands in each and every game ranging from free fire to god of war and comes up with different concepts to keep his engagement high. His Instagram account lets his audience in his personal life and shows some never seen before content making it a highly followed account.

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  • Animesh


    Instagram: 8bit_thug

    Animesh is not just a skilled player but a great businessman, he knows exactly how to build businesses around his passion for gaming.

    He has a company called 8 bit Creatives which supports the best gamers in the country and he is also a consultant for growth online. This being the reason he is considered one of the most superior Indian gaming Instagrammers.

    You will also find animesh representing gaming on national and international platforms. He encourages a lot of fellow gamers to never give up by showing his own example as to how he faced challenges and became big, giving confidence to a lot of gamers who want to enter the game that is going big in space. This gives him a loyal following who idolizes him in space.

  • Kaashvi


    Instagram: Kaaashvi

    Kaashvi is one of the top female gaming influencers who has made a name for herself with international level gaming in games like PUBG, among us, etc.

    She has also won awards like the player of the year, etc making her an idol especially for female gamers who want to rise in the space. You will find her putting out a variety of content on her account ranging from photoshoots, behind the scenes of her participation in big gaming competitions, etc. She also collaborates with a lot of brands where she puts her creativity into making it authentic and truly valuable for her audience. This makes her the ideal influencer for brands looking for a creator having credibility.

  • Shagufta Iqbal

    Shagufta Iqbal

    Instagram: xyaalive

    One of the rising stars in gaming or the top gaming Instagrammers in India who is finishing levels in record times of the most difficult games. She also shares tips and tricks to become better in your gameplay which is really effective making her recommendations credible.

    One of the elements that are helping in her unmatched growth is her consistency in putting out quality content. Her gameplays, have a pinch of humor, skills, entertainment, interaction and whatnot making it something that her followers wait for eagerly.

  • Rohan Ledwani

    Rohan Ledwani

    Instagram: rohan_ledwani

    One of those larger than life personalities who loves to take part in big competitions and also host them. One of the best Instagram gamers challenges other gamers to perform better than them reflecting his confidence in his skills. People love seeing him play so well and it gives him incredible authority over the space making him great for brands when it comes to collaborations.

    He also has a great engagement rate of 6.64% on the platform as he always catches trends in the community and makes the most creative content on it. As he shares each point of ehr journey with her audience, it makes his connection with his followers deep and loyal.